Realtime data source provide easily accessible biometric and location raw data.  Our data science team  processes raw data and develops risk analytics and algorithms


Our data and platform is built for seamless integration with your risk models.  It has never been easier to integrate high value data into your analyses


Let our data science team work with your organization to identify new opportunities for data collection and help solve your analytical challenges

Realtime people data offers exciting possibilities for quantifying, monitoring and predicting human risk

Access New Risk Data


Quantify Risk

Ability captures and processes raw data sets and performs multivariate statistical analysis and other analyses to identify human risk in the workplace.  We build algorithms to automatically track and predict risk as well as learn over time. Our team has road-tested its  fatigue algorithms at multiple client sites and workplaces, refining accuracy and delivering enterprise-grade decision making tools

Sample data captured: sleep state, toss and turn, sleep interruption, heart rate, movement, acceleration, activity level, GPS location

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