60% of Heavy Equipment Accidents Are Fatigue Related


Employees Who Sleep Less Than 4 Hours Are 4 to 5 Times As Likely To Be In A Crash


Being awake 18 hours is equal to a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05


After 24 hrs, the impairment level is 0.10, equivalent to be legally drunk

Our Expertise

Ability is a leader in solving fatigue with wearables.  With smartwatch intelligence, we're helping amongst the world's largest mining, oil, trucking and shipping companies.  Our predictive algorithms identify individual employee fatigue risk to over 90% accuracy, scientifically validated against polysomnograms, the gold standard of sleep science.



Smartwatches have the power to track critical user biometric data in realtime.  Our cloud software platform translates data into both predictive and realtime analysis of fatigue.  We categorize fatigue risk before the shift and provide intraday fatigue assessment.  Notifications and analytics deliver fatigue management intelligence to desktops and mobile devices for both the user and managers.

Our Research

Over one billion sample points, 300,000 hours of field data and thousands of actigraphs.  Our algorithms are based on amongst the world's largest databases of biometric wearable data, researched,  collected and analyzed by our team of leading scientists and technologists.

Let Ability help your organization solve fatigue challenges.