Capture critical user data, from sleep quantity and quality to heart rate, movement, activity and location.   Sync to a secure cloud analytics platform via cellular networks, wifi or bluetooth


Monitor data and Ability's proprietary safety analytics in realtime or at scheduled time periods.  Receive notifications about user risk and productivity


Make critical operational decisions utilizing quantifiable data.  Solve fatigue, prevent accidents, minimize loss time injuries, reduce hazards and improve workplace safety with accuracy

Optimize Your Workplace

Realtime intelligence delivers healthier employees, safer workplaces and more productive work


Ability is a leader in solving fatigue with wearables

Address Fatigue Early

Monitoring equipment operator fatigue can reduce fatalities by 60% and save billions in operating costs.  We know - Ability was born as a fatigue intelligence platform, working with the world's largest mining and oil companies to solve fatigue.  Our predictive algorithms identify individual employee fatigue risk to over 90% accuracy, scientifically validated against polysomnograms, the gold standard of sleep science.

Industries We Serve

The world's most demanding environments use Ability to solve workplace challenges












How We Work

Ability develops a program that best suits your organizations needs and risks

Dynamic Program

A limited number of users are activated in one part of your organization to assess a specific risk, and dynamically allocated to solve challenges across your organization

  • Solves immediate challenges

  • Agile deployment

Global Program

Users are activated across a site (or multi-site) to capture location or organization-wide risk data and build a holistic view on employee and location risk

  • Organization or site-wide intelligence

  • Quickly learn and implement best practices

"Our research suggests the Ability platform, in combination with the leading wellness wearables, may correlate the closest to our goal of identifying fatigue before it can affect the workplace"

—  Barrick Gold

Let Ability help your organization solve its health, safety and productivity challenges