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Predicting human safety with realtime biodata and machine intelligence.


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Wearables Analytics at Ability Wearables
Wearables Analytics at Ability Wearables

What We Do

Ability builds algorithms that leverage realtime data to track, analyze and predict people health, safety and productivity

Employees are your most valuable assets.  We help keep your people out of harm's way by tracking and predicting risk while solving productivity

With realtime data science, we add value to your analysis of corporate and individual risk across life, health and workers compensation




Ability tracks critical realtime user data from smartwatches, intelligent apparel and mobile devices.  Our algorithms and networks translate biodata into predictive and realtime analysis of user health, safety and productivity.   Notifications and analytics deliver health, safety and productivity intelligence to desktops and mobile devices. 


Our Process

Ability is research driven.  Over one billion sample points, 300,000 hours of field data and thousands of actigraphs comprise our safety algorithms.  Our algorithms are based on amongst the world's largest databases of biometric wearable data, researched,  collected and analyzed by our team of leading scientists and technologists.

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